Dog banned from market after attack

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A dog which attacked and injured another person’s dog while being walked on a lead in Ballymena’s Saturday market is not to be allowed back to the weekly event.

The dog’s owner has had ‘additional’ Control Conditions place on its licence requiring the dog not only to be leashed but to also be muzzled when in a public place and also, that it be excluded from the Saturday Market.

When the matter came before a Council committee, members endorsed the additional Control Conditions and also agreed that the person in charge of the dog at the time of the attack should also receive a simple caution.

In the event that the person failed to accept a simple caution, it was agreed that Council would proceed to prosecute the dog owner.

Earlier they heard that Borough Warden Services received a report on July 5 that a dog being walked on a lead in the market attacked and injured another person’s dog which required it to have veterinary treatment. It was pointed out that the owner of the dog which instigated the attack had co-operated fully throughout the investigation.

The committee heard, too, that this dog had previously been involved in an attack on another person’s dog and was already the subject of a control condition requiring it to be confined to a yard, building or enclosure and to be leashed when in a public place.