Dog walker injured after being hit by cyclist

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A Ballymena man has called on cyclists to ‘obey the law’ after his wife was knocked over whilst walking their dog on a footpath at Galgorm Road.

The man - who didn’t want to be named - told the Ballymena and Antrim Times that his wife was left bruised and shaken after the cyclist ran into her on Wednesday night.

“She was out walking the dog when suddenly she was knocked over by a cyclist who was riding on the path - she landed half on a footpath and half on the road.

“The cyclist who crashed into my wife fell off his bike too. He got up, mumbled ’sorry ‘and cycled on, leaving her lying there and didn’t check to see if she was hurt.

“It was raining and it took a while for my wife to get back on her feet and head back to the house. We rang the police and they said there is little that can be done.”

The woman suffered bruising, mild whiplash and was left shocked by the incident.

The resident is now calling on cyclists to share the road with other commuters and to cycle safely.

He said: “There are lots of good cyclists out there and it is people like those who ran into my wife who give them a bad name.

“I am calling on cyclists to obey the laws of the road, stay off footpaths and make sure they have lights and high visibility clothing to see.”