‘Drifters’ accused of spilling diesel on roundabout

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‘Boy racers’ have been accused of spilling diesel on the road surface at Ballee Roundabout to enable so-called ‘drifting’ stunts.

Now, Robin Swann, the North Antrim UUP assemblyman has called on both the police and courts to ‘throw the legal books’ at boy racers who are ‘using Ballymena as a race track’.

The spot where a car smashed through the fence of a house adjacent to Ballee roundabout.

The spot where a car smashed through the fence of a house adjacent to Ballee roundabout.

Assemblyman Swann issued his challenge after a car crashed through the back fence of a property adjacent to the roundabout. It is understood that the driver may have lost control due to the greasy surface on the roundabout.

Mr Swann said: “I have already spoken with TransportNI and contacted the PSNI to raise my concerns after I was contacted by a number of constituents over the slippery conditions of the Ballee Roundabout.

“An accident had taken place where a car struck a wooden fence. The family in the house have said the same thing happened about a year ago, on top of a number of near misses. It has been reported to me that this roundabout is purposely being made slippy by young boy racers spilling diesel on the road surface and then using it for ‘drifting’.

“Seventy-four families lost loved ones due to road accidents in 2015, and it is irresponsible and unbelievably stupid for anyone to go out of their way to make our roads more dangerous than they already are.”

And he called on the Justice Minister to give the police and courts the necessary powers to ‘throw the legal book’ at boy racers convicted of what he termed the ’drifting menace.’

A DUP assemblyman has also expressed his concerns about various safety aspects at the site which he dubbed ‘a roundabout of terror’.

He was speaking after visiting people living beside the busy roadway to inspect the same accident which occurred when a vehicle crashed through a fence into two back yards, knocking down a brick pillar.

North Antrim MLA Frew said his thoughts were with the young lady who was involved in the accident.

“I hope she makes a speedy and full recovery,” he said, before turning to the roundabout issue. “I have been campaigning for action on this roundabout for months now. There are so many accidents at this precise spot and on round leading onto the A26 Antrim line.

“I wrote to TransportNI a number of months ago asking them to consider the lane layout of the roundabout and the signage leading onto it.

“Now i think it is clear that metal barriers may be the only option to prevent vehicles crashing through into gardens of Old Antrim Mews, where children playing in the good weather.I have written to TransportNI requesting these measures before the full horrors of the DOE TV adverts from a number of years back are realised.