Dunclug Partnership agm

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Dunclug Partnership will be holding their Annual General Meeting in the Dunclug community centre on Tuesday, May 31, at 7.30pm.

The body recently carried out a community survey in which they sought the views and opinions of local residents as the group undertake the process of reform.

The results are due to be discussed at the public meeting.

Dunclug Partnership has been dormant since June 2015 but there has been good interest of late locally in an attempt to resurrect the partnership.

A statement issued about the survey and forthcoming agm pointed out: “Quite a lot of people indicated they would like to form a committee and it would be good if there is a good turnout for this Annual General Meeting. Do not forget the committee when elected will work in the best interest of all the residents in the Dunclug area. So surely you can spend an hour of your time where you will learn the outcome of the survey and maybe join the committee to make a positive change in the community.”