Dunclug residents - Have your say on new partnership

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Dunclug Partnership are seeking the views and opinions of local residents as the group undertake the process of reform.

Over the next few weeks, volunteers will be carrying out a short questionnaire to form a community survey, with the results being discussed at a public meeting.

A spokesperson for the group said: “It is important that local residents have their say and voice their opinion. If you have a genuine interest in the community then the Partnership are asking that you kindly spare a few minutes and talk to one of the volunteers who will call at your door.

“It could be fatal for an area like Dunclug not to have a local group who would act with interest on behalf of all in the community in an inclusive manner.”

The stated purpose of the group is to enhance the quality of life and general well being for all in the community.

The partnership would enjoy the full support of statutory agencies including the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, the N.E.E.L.B Youth Service, P.S.N.I, local Council, churches and schools.

The spokesperson added: “Indeed over the years the Dunclug Partnership have been grateful for the support shown by all these agencies. The partnership realises that they as residents cannot sort out all of the problems in their estate and that is why strong networking and working with partners is so important. If all resources work together then major results can be achieved.”

More recently, in an effort to sustain the Dunclug Partnership, thanks have been offered to Gillian Forrest from Supporting Communities to Roy McClean from Northern Ireland Housing Executive, to Denise Reynolds and Rosemary McCormick from Mid and East Antrim Council.

These people have attended several meetings to discuss the way forward for a newly formed Dunclug Partnership.

For any further information contact Gillian Forrest 028 25645676.000