A-levels: ‘Creating futures’ at Cambridge House

Mrs. E. Lutton with students from Cambridge House celebrating their A level results. INBT34-205AC
Mrs. E. Lutton with students from Cambridge House celebrating their A level results. INBT34-205AC
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Cambridge House Grammar School has ‘created futures’ for almost 200 students who have received their A Level results after a long summer of anticipation.

There was a significant rise in the number of students taking A levels at the school this year, with improved results in six of the subjects offered including geography, history, home economics, maths, physics and Spanish. Overall, the school saw an increase in the number of A* and B grades achieved with lower grades also improving.

Principal Elma Lutton said: “The sense of pride at the achievements of our students was palpable as they arrived to open their envelopes at Cambridge House. This year’s results are in line with our objective of securing improved A* and B grades and achieving an uplift in lower grades.”

One of Cambridge House’s high achievers Esther Fleck, who attained one A* and three A grades in Spanish, maths, physics and biology, said: “My time at Cambridge House Grammar School has been fantastic. Truly amazing. I’m really chuffed with my results and I’d like to thank all the teachers who helped make me achieve my grades.”

The 18-year-old has already been offered full time employment with a local accountancy firm where she will commence training to become an accountant technician.

Head girl Sarah McElhinny, also 18, is planning to go to St Andrew’s to study English and Biblical studies with one A* and two A grades in English, drama and biology.

Sarah said: “I am very thankful to have gone here and am thankful for the teachers as I’ve loved every minute and have had such a good time.”

Head boy Aaron Henry (17) described himself as feeling ‘ecstatic’ on receiving four A grades in his four AS subjects – further maths, physics, chemistry and biology and an A* at A level in maths.

He said: “I’ve spent a week at Cambridge and a week at Oxford this summer and I am so glad that I chose to study at Cambridge House. I’m really looking forward to coming back to school for my upper sixth year.”