Dunclug College sees big rise in A* grades

Students from Dunclug College who were among the schools top achievers in GCSE. INBT35-213AC
Students from Dunclug College who were among the schools top achievers in GCSE. INBT35-213AC

Dunclug College’s largest ever cohort of Year 12 pupils achieved a range of excellent results at GCSE Level.

No less than 37 of these pupils were new to the school at the beginning of Year 12, an increase of 25%, and sat between 5 and 10 GCSE subjects including English and Maths.

An outstanding 73% of all pupils achieved grades A - C in English and 80% in Science, continuing an upwards trend of improvement, and 46% achieved this standard in Mathematics. 66% of all students achieved 5 or more grades in the A – C range, a marginal increase on the previous year. More than 90% of students achieved 5 grades in the A – E range with 76% including English and Maths, and that there was a significant increase in the number of A* and A grades achieved.

The following pupils deserve special congratulation for achieving profiles of high grades: Jennifer Kwan Lee 4 A*, 3 A, and 2 B, Ryan Chan 2 A*, 3 A, and 4 B, Rebecca Fowler, 1 A*, 7 A, and 2 B, Jamie Buick, 1 A*, 4 A, and 3 B, Rebecca Linton 1 A*, 4 A, 3 B, and 1 C, Adrian Frew 5 A, 4 B and 1 C, Zoe McDowell, 4 A, and 6 B, Philip Gregg, 4 A, 5 B and 2 C, Lois Thompson 4 A, 3 B, and 1 C, Richard Finlay 4 A, 2 B, and 3 C, Amy Smyth 4 A, 4 B and 2 C, Rachel Armstrong, 4 A, 3 B and 2 C, Maggie Louw 1 A*, 2 A, 4 B, and 2 C, Caitlin McGahey 3 A, 4 B, and 2 C, Gemma Caughey 2 A, 3 B, and 2 C …. and many more high grade combinations.

The following subject areas each achieved 100% in the A – C range: GCSE English Literature, RE, DA Agriculture, DA Horse Care and DA Prince’s Trust, Occupational Construction and Occupational Design & Creativity, followed by: Double Award Science 97%, ICT 95%, Home Economics 93%, Technology and Design 91%, Construction 90%, French 90%, Applied Business 89%, BCS 88%, Manufacturing 86%, History 83%, Learning for Life and Work 82%, Performing Arts 81%, Single Award Science 80%, Art 80%, Geography 77%, Engineering 75%, English 73%.

The Principal, Mrs. Ruth Wilson paid tribute to all the teaching staff for the commitment and dedication shown to their pupils in an exceptional year of change and growth for the school, and also thanked the parents for their whole-hearted support.

“We wish success to all our students whatever their onwards pathway and look forward to seeing the majority return for Sixth Form. Pupils from other schools who are attracted by the subjects on offer are also welcome to apply. A Sixth Form Prospectus and subject details, together with Admissions Criteria, are available at the school office and the closing date for applications is Wednesday 26th August at 12.00 noon.”