Slideshow: Dunclug College Prize Distribution

The vital role played by parents in the overall school experience was highlighted by Mrs. Ruth Wilson in her address to the prize-giving audience at Dunclug College.

She contended that a productive environment works where parents and pupiIs engage together with the experiences provided.

Photographed last week at the annual prize giving were the Dunclug College Key Stage 3 award winners. INBT 44-820H

Photographed last week at the annual prize giving were the Dunclug College Key Stage 3 award winners. INBT 44-820H

“The standard of attendance at Parents meetings, target setting interviews, and school events is an example of the true partnership we aim to create in our ethos.

“I salute our parent community - our success depends on your support. Everything is in place in this college, so that you, the students can succeed. It only remains for you to do your part!”

Examination Results

Turning to Results -the number of pupils achieving between 5 and 10 GCSEs grades in the A * - C range has risen again to almost 70%. The standard in GCSE English rose to 71% and in Mathematics to 57%.

Literacy and Numeracy strategies rolled out across the curriculum have played a vital part in this achievement. Almost 50% of all pupils achieved at least 5 top grades including English and Maths.

Mrs. Wilson added: “I take pleasure in the roll of top achievers: Nicole Norris with seven As and a B grade, David O’Neill with six A and two B grades, Amy Chan with one A “, four A and 3 B grades, Christina Shields with two A*s, two As, three Bs and two Cs, Kathryn Francey with four A and four B grades, Kirsty Fraser with one A* three A, three B and a C grade, Jarra Bigger and Ellen McMullan with four A, three B and one C grade and Ellie Letch with two A*, one A, 6 B and a C grade.

“Also the following high achieving students: Scott Gilmore, Paula Hayes, Naomi Law, Louise Saunderson, Nicole Backus, Rebecca Connor, Samantha Dennison, Emma Fleck, Karla Kernohan, Lois Manson, Lauren Minnis, Andrea Neeson, Peter Wilson, Jade Scott, Ruth McNeilly and Andrea McMaster. “

Mrs. Wilson noted that at A Level, 80% of students achieved grades in the A - C range, 42% of all grades were in the A - B range while 26% were in the A* - A range.

Over half of all students achieved 3 grades in the A - C range. It was rewarding to see all students accepted in their chosen University courses and able to advance on their chosen pathways.

“Once again this illustrates that pupils are not disadvantaged if they do not achieve a Grammar school place and that commitment on the part of school, pupils and parents can result in young people achieving beyond their measured potential and even beyond their hopes!

“Special congratulations go to the following, for excellent individual performances: Samuel Mills, with 2 A and 2 B grades, followed by Laura Morrow and Leagh Purdy each with 2A and IB grade. Other pupils who scored 3 high grades included: Vanessa Clotworthy, Andrew Currie, Matthew Dougan, Zion Duffy, Samantha Graham, Lauren Hamill, Sophie Johnston, Amy Jones, Claire Leggett, Jordan McCullough, Rebecca McGuckin, Stuart McIntyre, Aaron McLeister, David Millar,

“Nicole Millar, Melissa Porter, Chelsea Thompson and Matthew Wilson. Special mention must also go to the following pupils who achieved Grade A in two of their subjects, Leah Brown, Lauren Dalrymple and Olivia Norton, and also to Aaron Adair, Michael Adams, Phebe Calderwood, Bethany Culleton, Victoria Finlay, Carl Graham, Rebecca McAuley, Mark Kyle, William Monaghan and Aaron Simpson, each of whom achieved one A grade within their profile of subjects.”