Star GCSE performance at Slemish

Some of the top GCSE achievers from Slemish College. INBT35-218AC
Some of the top GCSE achievers from Slemish College. INBT35-218AC

Slemish College students once again performed exceptionally well with a number of students achieving the top grades across a significant number subject areas.

The top performing Year 12 student Daniel Bingham achieved no less than 10 A*s (bringing his total of 11, having secured his first A* last year!) whilst Shakeel Mohammed and Aisling McKeown each achieved 7A*s and 3 As.

Marie Allen had 6 Grades at A* and 4 As with Sarah Emery hot on her heels with 5A*s and 5 As. Joshua Park, Kathryn Sloan, Ashleen Agnew, Titas Alvikas, Eimear Bradley, Nathan Thompson, Sarah Kirk, Andrew Welsh, Megan Crilly, Rebecca Hamilton, Damon Kelly, Jamie Houston, Kendra Kemp, Kerri-Ann McKeever, Joshua Van Loggerenberg, Chloe Brown, Emily Duffy and Jefferson Logan were also top of the class with a combined number of 100 A and A* grades.

84% of students achieved the much needed grade C or better in English. English Literature students excelled with almost a quarter of all candidates achieving an A* and a further 40% achieving a grade A.

Likewise a third of all Further Maths students achieved an A*. A number of other subject areas were also delighted with 100% of their students achieving a C or better, notably Home Economics, Music and Physical Education whilst in over three quarters of the subjects delivered at Slemish College, 100% of the candidates achieved a pass grade.

Spanish, French and History students’ results also reflected significant value had been added with 96%, 95% and 96% of students achieving grade C or better.

Students attending the Northern Regional College for Occupational Studies through the Ballymena Learning Consortium all achieved a Grade C or better and the colege thanked the NRC for their commitment and dedication to students which has resulted in many having the opportunity to pursue vocational career pathways.