Top marks for Fourtowns Primary

P3 pupils from Fourtowns PS with their model of the Giants Causeway. INBT10-233AC
P3 pupils from Fourtowns PS with their model of the Giants Causeway. INBT10-233AC

The hardwork of both staff and pupils of Fourtowns Primary School has been praised in a glowing report by the Education and Training Inspectorate.

The school have been awarded outstanding in all areas of the inspection, achievements and standards, provision, leadership, management and pastoral care.

Jim Miller Principal told the Times that the report is a reward for all the hard work by staff at pupils at the school. He said: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the visit of the Education and Training Inspectorate.

“This achievement has been very much a team effort by the pupils, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, The Senior Management team and The Board of Governors. Our school mission statement emphasises the individual-Achieving success for all and the Inspection report shows Fourtowns Primary School has achieved outstanding success for all.”

The Inspectorate noted that in all year groups, the children were highly motivated and engaged in their learning .The quality of the teaching observed ranged from very good to outstanding ,a third of which was outstanding.

An analysis of the end of key stage 2 performance data showed that the school is consistently in line with the Northern Ireland average and the schools internal data shows that most children, including those who require additional support with aspects of their learning, make outstanding progress in English and Mathematics in line with their ability or above expectation.

Mrs Stevenson, the Chairperson of Fourtowns Primary School Board of Governors also congratulated the children on their outstanding effort and attitude during the recent inspection.

She added: “The Reporting Inspector spoke often in her report findings about the high level of work the children were producing in class, their obvious interest in lessons and their good manners throughout the whole process.

“She also talked about the pride they have in the school and the lovely welcome they were given by The Primary Seven School Council members.”