Eight ‘newcomers’ for Kells & Connor

Kells & Connor WI have welcomed eight new members in the 2014-2015 ‘term’.

They are Rosemary Bell, Pat Kerr, Margaret Kilpatrick, Donna Logan, Eleanor Lorimer, Linda Millar, Helen Mitchell and Averil Wilson.

The new committee consists of Rosemary McAllister (President), Mary Crothers (Vice-President), Olga O’Neill (Treasurer), Eleanor Worthington (Secretary), Pearl Hanna (Assistant Secretary), Wilma Buick (Press Correspondent), Joanna Warwick (Magazines), Rebecca Foster (Roll Call), Lynne Francey & Sally Harper (Social Organisers), Kathleen Lyttle & Maria Wilson (Tea Hostesses).

Winners of the the ‘Bell Challenge Cup’ were: 1st Maura Ellis, 2nd Mary Crothers, joint 3rd Sally Harper and Pearl Hanna. Lisa Foster was congratulated on her recent marriage.

In November, Ballyclare Golf Club was the venue for the annual dinner. A delicious meal was served and afterwards Executive Member, Elizabeth Warden, gave apresentation on the ACWW European Conference in Norway. The ‘Prettiest Handkerchief’ competition was won by: 1st Maura Ellis, 2nd Rosemary Bell, 3rd Sharon Graham. Margaret McKay won the Magazine Prize. Talented member, Anna Murpy, was congratulated on her success at th Festival of the Spoken Word in Richhill.

The four Christmas Hamper winners were: Beth McCaughern, Sally Harper, Margaret Erwin and Karen Galloway. The Competition winners were: 1st Pearl Hanna; 2nd Sally Harper; 3rd Martha Francey.

The monthly magazine winner was May McBride.