Fly tipping issue at Drumtara

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A massive pile of rubbish that had been dumped at the rear of housing near a path at Drumtara has been cleared by the Housing Executive.

The action follows an intervention by DUP assemblyman Paul Frew who admitted he was ‘amazed’ at the scale of fly-tipping.

Mr. Frew said: “I had received a number of calls from constituents living in Drumtara complaining about the length of time it was taking to remove rubbish that had been dumped. The residents maintained that it had been left there by someone from outside the area. They claimed it had been there for weeks and no one was coming to clear it away. When I checked it out I was amazed at the scale of it all. I contacted Housing Executive who investigated the issue. They undertook to have the rubbish removed as it is on NIHE land. This will obviously come at a cost to them .

“I would ask residents to be vigilant and if they see this happening again anywhere that they report it to the public agencies taking down number plates if they can . This cannot be tolerated and could lead to all sorts to health issues.”