Glarryford tyre tippers ‘shameless’ says Gaston

Tyres dumped near Glarryford
Tyres dumped near Glarryford

A local councillor has branded those who ‘fly tipped’ tyres outside Ballymena at the weekend as ‘shameless individuals’.

Bannside TUV representative Timothy Gaston was commenting after the illegal dumping of tyres in Glarryford.

He said: “It is shameful that someone thought it was appropriate to dump their old tyres in the countryside – it is totally unacceptable and this reckless regard for our environment deserves to be punished.

“Many residents take great pride in the appearance of their local area, and a lot of effort is put in to maintain high standards. For someone to do this it shows these shameless individuals simply don’t care.

“I have asked Council to remove the tyres; this inevitably comes at a cost to the rate payer and to put it bluntly Council has better things to do and more important uses for money than to clean up after someone illegally dumping.

“I hope the culprit can be found and brought to book for their offence. If you witness any fly-tipping, please immediately report it.”