Inchkieth ‘dump’ to be cleared

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News that a ‘dumping ground’ at the rear of Inchkeith Road in Ballykeel is to be cleared up has been welcomed by a local councillor.

TUV representative, Donna Anderson ,had contacted the NEELB who own the land, following complaints from local people about the state of an overgrown area.

She said: “I met with their grounds maintenance officer on the site and agreed that the area was badly in need of being cut back and that the rubbish needed to be cleared.

“It is obvious that this neglected patch of ground has been treated as a dumping ground which is naturally causing concern for people who live in the vicinity given the health hazards, not to mention its unsightliness.

“I hope that now the issue has been highlighted to the relevant people it will be addressed quickly so that residents have clear access from their back gates.”