Put wheels on ‘kerbies’ says Frew

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Mid & East Antrim Council is being to consider issuing a wheeled device to assist house holders to move their recycling boxes.

The call has come from North Antrim DUP Assemblyman: “It is clear when I visit elderly constituents that they really struggle to lift and carry their boxes when anyway near full.

“Some are trying to lift up to 3 boxes. It is putting people off recycling when we are trying to keep recycling rates up. S

“It’s true that some people can’t be bothered but many make the effort to recycle. Council should be looking at ways that make it easier for people, remove the barriers and excuses for not recycling.

“What more novel invention than the wheel! It would remove the burden for the elderly and frail making it much easier to get the boxes to the end of the drive. It just makes common sense,” said Mr. Frew.