Storm over bins leads to new stickers

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Mid and East Antrim Borough Council have agreed to adopt a ‘more graduated response’ to help householders adapt to the new ‘closed binlid’ policy.

The policy was introduced in order to align services across Mid and East Antrim, reduce waste going to landfill and increase recycling rates.

A council spokesperson said: “This approach was adopted by the majority of residents within the Borough, however a small number of people are expressing concerns at refuse bins not being collected.”

Officers within the Ballymena area say that almost 21,000 bins have been successfully collected over the past two weeks. Around 200 bins were presented with lids open and, in line with the new approach, these were not lifted.

Going forward householders presenting a bin with the lid not firmly closed will have their bin emptied on one occasion. A warning sticker will be applied to the bin advising them to ensure the lid is closed in future, or their bin will not be collected.

Householders will be provided with a telephone number to contact Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to seek advice on how to deal with waste, including maximising recycling in order to reduce the amount of waste going into the black bin.

In order to help householders adapt to the changes, Council have agreed to collect any household bins which were not collected as a result of the new policy being implemented. This should take place over the next few days. This approach will help alleviate some of the concerns expressed and help support the more gradual move to the adoption of a closed bin lid policy. Council wish to engage with and support residents who are affected, to encourage and promote increased recycling. Council will work with householders, provide advice and seek co-operation to maximise recycling and reduce waste going to landfill.