Welcome for road junction scheme move

DUP MLA Paul Frew
DUP MLA Paul Frew

DUP MLA Paul Frew has welcomed an announcement by Transport NI that a scheme for the Sand Rd / Woodcroft Heights junction will be given consideration in the next financial year.

In a statement, Mr. Frew said: “I have been working on this issue now for some time having met with residents,Transport NI and PSNI representatives on site in March last year.

“Before that, I had requested speed surveys for the same area in April 2015.

“The problem is that the road sweeps round and then goes down hill. Drivers coming up the hill to turn into Woodcroft Heights move into a centre lane marked out on the road whilst people traveling towards Galgorm, some traveling at excessive speed cut the corner increasing the potential for collisions

“When on site, we discussed the possibility of street islands for pedestrians crossing the road which would also slow traffic down but keep them from driving over onto another lane. This would make the junction safer for people living nearby.”