EU membership costing UK £1 million per hour - TUV leader

TUV leader Jim Allister.
TUV leader Jim Allister.

TUV leader and North Antrim MLA, Jim Allister who is standing for the party in the forthcoming Euro elections has claimed that EU membership is costing Britain £1 million every hour.

He said the elections would focus on a key national issue - the country’s future relationship with the EU.

He said: “It is shameful that after over 40 years of the EU being a huge drain on our national resources, the people of the United Kingdom are being denied a referendum on our membership. TUV demands an in/out referendum.

“We pour £17billion into Brussels and even with the rebate and grants we get back barely half. Our input represents a staggering daily cost of £23.6million or £1million every hour! In addition, EU membership is robbing us of the right to make our own decisions on such vital matters as immigration, trade agreements and social policy.