Euro 2016: Ballymena birthday boy receives phone call from Northern Ireland players

Richard and Zak McGall with their Euro 2016 tickets.
Richard and Zak McGall with their Euro 2016 tickets.

A young boy from Ballymena who burst into tears as he received a Euro 2016 ticket for his birthday has had a special phone call from the Northern Ireland players.

Zak McGall, 10, was given the precious present by his father the day before the team played Ukraine. His family videoed the moment and it has since gone viral on social media.

Zak and his father Richard are back in Northern Ireland after watching the victory in Lyon last Thursday.

Striker Kyle Lafferty and team mates called him on Sunday.

Mr McGall said: “It makes me proud but it is a bit surreal.

“I am happy that a video clip of me doing something for my son has had this effect on the Northern Ireland team and the fans at this time.”

He said the deaths of Darren Rodgers from Ballymena after a fall from a promenade in Nice and Archie Rainey during the game had been a low point.

“It is brilliant to be part of a good news story.”

He said Lafferty was deeply affected by the video, which illustrated the impact the team was having on the children and supporters.

The star player also promised to send them a couple of signed shirts.