First ‘Freedom’ of Mid & East Antrim

The Braid. (Editorial Image)
The Braid. (Editorial Image)

Mid & East Antrim Council are poised to confer the first Freedom of the new borough on the B (North Irish Horse) Squadron, The Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry, in a ceremony most likely to be held in Carrickfergus in the New year.

CEO Anne Donaghy told Council’s October meeting that no firm date had yet been set for what, she said, will be “a prestige event and a memorable event”.

“I have met with representatives of the North Irish Horse and they are very pleased and honoured that not only have they been conferred the Freedom of the Borough but that it is the first for Mid & East Antrim”, said Mrs Donaghy who pointed out that she would be progressing the matter alongside the Mayor, assisted by two specially appointed Council officers and in partnership with the recipients.

She added that Council should also be in a position “to go to press” with a new Coat of Arms in January at around the time of the conferral.