First Northern Ireland Football Banning Order

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A 23-year-old man has been given a four year domestic football banning order.

It was given at Coleraine Magistrates Court yesterday (Thursday), a police spokesperson said.

The banning order is the first of its type to be issued in Northern Ireland and follows an incident of disorderly behaviour after an Irish league game between Coleraine and Ballymena in December 2015.

Neighbourhood Inspector Donna Bowden said: “We welcome this banning order and hope that it is a warning to those who attend matches and are intent on causing trouble that they will be dealt with robustly. I believe this will send a clear message to fans that any reckless, disorderly or criminal behaviour will not be tolerated and that we, as a police service, will actively seek banning orders for anyone brought before the courts.

“We will continue to work with local football clubs and the Irish Football League to address any criminal activity linked to people attending football matches.”