Flags an ‘attempt to raise tension’ - TUV councillor

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A Ballymena councillor has accused local republicans of attempting to heighten tensions in the northern end of the town.

The claim was made by Traditional Unionist Voice representative, Donna Anderson who sits on Mid & East Antrim Council.

Cllr. Anderson said that the display of flags on the Cushendall Road was an act of intimidation.

In a statement on the issue, Cllr. Anderson said: “The flying of the tricolour and 32 County Sovereignty flags on the Cushendall Road in Ballymena is most ironic given the stance of many nationalists and republicans on the flying of the Union flag in ‘shared’ spaces.

“These same people begrudge the flag of the country they live in being flown anywhere, yet on the Cushendall Road, where there is a mixed community and where the Ballymena Health Centre is accessed by people from all backgrounds across the town, they deem it appropriate to fly a foreign flag.”

And the councillor said she was in no doubt about the purpose of the flags.

She said: “This is an attempt to raise tensions and intimidate. It is a sad but telling act.”

The councillor continued: “When republicans abuse the term ‘equality’ we must remember their Trojan horse approach. ‘Equality’ in Republican Newspeak means an assault on British symbols while having no issue with tricolours in an area which should be welcoming to the whole community.”