Flags and tensions lowered ahead of Dunclug bonfire

A cautious welcome has been given to the removal of a number of tricolours and the clearing of bonfire rubbish from Dunclug.

Ballymena North Councillor, PJ McAvoy said he now had increased hope that the bonfire planned for Wednesday night ahead of the planned republican parade, would pass off peacefully.

"I have been told that the tricolour in the Dunvale estate has been taken down. I think that this is a very significant step in the right direction.

“I received a lot of calls about that flag and I am glad to hear that it's away.

"I would also like to thank the Council workers for clearing the rubbish which had been dumped on the football pitch for the bonfire. They now have the material on the designated area.

"I hope that those who are organising the bonfire will show some degree of common sense on the night.

“There is absolutely to need for this to turn into a situation where police are needed.

"The residents of Dunclug have had enough bother over the years and they do not need any more. I am hopeful that this will all pass over without much fuss."