Frew shocked by state of pathway

Sam Logan community leader with Paul Frew DUP MLA
Sam Logan community leader with Paul Frew DUP MLA

A pathway which runs from Cushendall Road to the pitches at the rear of Regents Park is at the centre of anti-spocial behaviour claims.

Paul Frew, the North Antrim DUP MLA recently met with community leaders after receiving many letters and phone calls on the issue.

After visiting the area, Mr. Frew said: This area is littered with broken glass , general waste and empty cases of medication. It is also clear that much of the litter is dropped by people who are not from the area and are passing through.

“It would seem they administer their medication ,sometimes with alcohol, then leave their empty packets lying about.

“This is completely unacceptable and cannot be tolerated any longer, even on site I was able to identify names and addresses of recipients of medication some of which would be very dangerous if taken by the wrong person or a young child,” said.

Mr. Frew added: “This path is important to the local community as a link to the local health centre. They should not be subjected to crowds of people loitering in this area and they should not have to wade through items of litter that is highly dangerous to them and their children. I have made contact with the local council , PSNI and local PCSP to try and resolve this serious issue .”