Frew welcomes new road signage at Hazelbank Primary

Paul Frew MLA. (Submitted Picture)
Paul Frew MLA. (Submitted Picture)

Renewed road signage and speed surveys at a rural school have been welcomed by local DUP Assemblyman Paul Frew.

However, he sayd “more could still be done” to improve safety for the children, their parents, and staff at Hazelbank Primary School, Buckna.

He told The Ballymena Times: “I have been communicating with a number of parents and the Principal of the Primary School for a number of years now to try and alleviate the issue of congestion and parking that is common in an awful lot of schools.

“I have pushed for officers from the Education Authority’s Development & Planning Office and Technical Section to visit the school to assess the extent of the problem and also to assess what could be done for the school generally over the next number of years.

“I am happy to report that an appraisal has been conducted meaning that renewed school signs have been installed, red background on the surface of the road will be implemented and speed surveys have been conducted,” said Mr Frew.

He added: “More could still be done however regarding warning lights and better car park facilites and I will continue to campaign for such enhancements.”