‘Friends of VisPa’ making return to Kenya


‘Friends of VisPa’ is a Christian charity based in Ahoghill set up to support the work of Vision and Passion Centres (VisPa), a mission based in Western Kenya.

The ‘Friends’ group provides financial, material and spiritual assistance, through child sponsorship, school building, clean water access and Christian literature.

Its members have been involved with VisPa since 2006, being part of the outreach and, on Friday, 19 volunteers aged from 15-50 plus travelled to Kisumu where VisPa’s orphanage, nursery, primary and secondary schools are located.

As well as running a kids Bible Club in the mornings and kids activities in the afternoons, their main project will be the replacement of the boy’s dormitory at the orphanage. A spokesperson said: “This is a really exciting project for us as this year there has been an influx of new children moving into the orphanage and the current sleeping quarters for the boys aren’t big enough or suitable to house them all. The new form has been funded by recent fundraising efforts by local people. An amazing £11k was raised and we are so thankful to everyone.”