Gaston becomes Ballymena’s youngest councillor

TRADITIONAL Unionist Voice (TUV) has selected Timothy Gaston as Ballymena’s youngest serving Councillor at the age of 24.

Thursday, 14th February 2013, 3:25 pm

Timothy was selected at a meeting of the TUV on Wednesday to represent Ballymena South and will serve alongside veteran Councillor Roy Gillespie in the Council chamber.

A statement from the party said: “Timothy is employed in the retail sector in Ballymena as a Fire, Health and Safety Officer and his qualifications and experience mean he is well situated to help rejuvenate Ballymena’s reputation as a vibrant shopping destination. Timothy has also acquired a strong knowledge of building and planning regulations that he will utilise in the Council.”

Commenting on his selection, Timothy Gaston described it as “an honour and privilege” and pledged to work alongside Mr Allister and Mr Gillespie “for the betterment of Ballymena and Northern Ireland”.

He said: “TUV is a principled party committed to democracy and we believe it is therefore essential that if Northern Ireland is to work effectively it must benefit from an official opposition in Stormont.

“As a Ballymena Councillor I will prioritise my work to rejuvenate the fledging town centre.” Commenting on the selection of Timothy Gaston TUV Leader and local MLA Jim Allister stated:

“Timothy will join Ballymena Council as the borough’s youngest Councillor and as such will bring a fresh approach to the chamber which will complement the vast experience offered by Councillor Roy Gillespie.

“Ballymena deserves committed public representatives who will dedicate themselves to the improvement of the borough. I have no doubt that Timothy is worthy of that task.”