Gaston praise for Scouting clean-up squad

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5th Ballymena Scouts, based in St Columba’s Church of Ireland on the Doury Road, recently took part in a litter pick in Sentry Hill.

Leaders of the group had been planning their programme for the year ahead when they noticed a feature in the local press highlighting the litter problems in the area. They contacted local TUV Councillor Timothy Gaston, who had initially raised the issue at council, and he was delighted to arrange provision of litter pickers, gloves and bags for the event through Ballymena Council.

The amount of litter encountered meant that only a portion of the park could be cleared, another pick is being carried out in the next week, and follow on picks will be used to help maintain a litter free environment so that all users can enjoy the full benefits that this park has to offer.

Speaking after he joined them on the expedition, Cllr. Gaston said: “The community spirit displayed by the boys is an example to us all, both in council and in wider society.

“In a time when we are told no one gets anything for nothing Ballymena can be proud that we have a group of such public spirited young people who are prepared to get out there and literally get their hands dirty.

“Now that this clean-up work is well underway there is an obligation on council to ensure that the area is properly maintained and does not fall back into the state it was before it was cleaned up.”