Gaston supports Ballymena Electoral Office retention

Timothy Gaston TUV
Timothy Gaston TUV

TUV Bannside Councillor Timothy Gaston has underlined his support for the retention of Ballymena Electoral Office.

In a statement issued on Thursday Cr Gaston said Mid and East Antrim Borough Council “have been working to find an alternative” to its proposed closure.

He stated: “The proposed closure of the Ballymena Electoral Office will have a profound impact on the people of the Ballymena Area and it is a mistake to close it.”

He stated: “Having an office situated in Ballymena is practical, allowing people from across the Ballymena area and wider to have access to it. This is not just about election time – being on the electoral register is importing for people securing mortgages and loans. Having that access when it is needed is crucial.

“This Friday NIPSA will take industrial action by having a strike. I support the action of the workers and I hope this focuses the minds of the public and of those in the NIO who have sanctioned this closure, that there should be an alternative.

“Support the staff of Ballymena Electoral Office this Friday, and lets do our best to save it.”