Gillian on Cuban adventure

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A Broughshane woman has recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime after trekking around Cuba for Cancer Fund for Children.

Gillian Creevy, the CEO of the leading local charity for children affected by cancer, proved she is not afraid to get stuck in when it comes to fundraising for a cause close to her heart.

The Broughshane woman recalled her experience: “Trekking at first was a huge shock to the system. It was tough going, mostly uphill through the stunning Escambray Mountains where we experienced high levels of humidity. We trekked through forests of Caribbean pine, eucalyptus, fern, and bamboo and camped amongst an amazing array of flora and fauna. I saw fabulous humming birds at close quarters and ate the most extraordinary and delicious native fruit. Our treks were broken by the chance to swim in some of the clearest, blue pools I have ever witnessed – and under the most majestic waterfalls. This really refreshed us and enabled us to carry on with the rest of the trek.”

Gillian added that despite the challenges of the trek, the group got on brilliantly.

“Such an amazing group of individuals from all across Northern Ireland. We bonded so quickly and we all looked out for each other.

“Lifelong friendships have been forged and lasting memories made. A totally magical and unforgettable experience.”