Giro health benefits idea

Daithi McKay
Daithi McKay

SF MLA Daithí McKay has urged the Assembly to use the opportunity of the Giro d’Italia to sell the health benefits of cycling.

Speaking to a debate about the event, he said: “The Giro d’Italia presents us with a unique opportunity to sell the health benefits of cycling to the general public and especially our young people.

“Ministers have made easy decisions in regard to cycling such as bidding for the Giro and the introduction of some minor changes to our transport infrastructure, but the hard decisions and the most beneficial ones still have to be made. We need to get serious about the health benefits of cycling.

“The benefits do not just include better physical health but will also relieve financial and delivery pressure on the health system. The message from the Giro can be one of encouraging more people to take to cycling, increased awareness of cyclists on our roads,” he said.