Glenarm: Officially the world’s most beautiful small village

Glenarm. INLT 03-313-PR (archive photo)
Glenarm. INLT 03-313-PR (archive photo)

Glenarm has been voted most beautiful small village in an international competition.

Glenarm won the International Challenge (Small) category in the Communities In Bloom contest during the 2015 National Symposium and Awards Ceremonies in Kamloops, British Columbia, in Canada, this weekend.

The Mid and East Antrim Council village saw off competition from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Canada.

Over the summer, trained volunteer judges travelled to participating communities to evaluate the overall contributions of councils and departments; industry; businesses and the private sector – including volunteer efforts – in regards to the following criteria: Tidiness, Environmental Action, Heritage Conservation, Urban Forestry, Landscape and Floral Displays.

Following their evaluation, volunteer judges Lorna McIlroy and Ted Zarudny wrote: “Glenarm is a beautiful historic coastal village. It includes Glenarm River, Glenarm Forest, a restored marina and Glenarm Castle, which features an amazing walled garden.

“The Glenarm Regeneration Strategy aimed to revitalize the community for both residents and visitors. A small group of dedicated volunteers, using recycled containers, flowers, paint, shovels, and boundless energy accomplished miracles and managed to involve local residents, visitors and industry. Limestone seating was added, the tunnel cleared, the factory area beautified, the cemetery tidied, the riverside enhanced, and walks refreshed. This year new seating was added and a recycled wooden fence. The uniqueness of this fence design has enhanced an already beautiful streetscape”.

Within the actual context of climate changes and environmental concerns, communities involved in the program can be proud of their efforts, which provide real and meaningful environmental solutions and benefit all of society.

See the Communities In Bloom website at for a complete list of the results.

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on the enhancement of green spaces. The pride, sense of community and feeling of accomplishment generated through participation are visible in communities across Canada. For more information about Communities in Bloom, visit