Greystone attack could have killed - Cairns

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A local TUV representative has hit out at the latest incident in the Greystone estate, saying someone could have been killed.

Richard Cairns, TUV representative for South Antrim, said he was angered to learn of another “heinous episode of criminal behaviour” in Bleerick Drive in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

“On this occasion there was an attempted arson at a communal property where residents, many elderly, live,” Mr Cairns said.

He said those responsible “many of which appear to be teenagers”, are terrorising this community and have no regard for anyone.

“This mindless and reckless stupidity could have cost someone their life,” Mr Cairns said.

He added: “A community is living in fear that there will be further attacks that escalate in severity.

“I have talked to a number of residents who have advised on an almost nightly basis there is a disturbance and everyone is on edge.

“This has gone on long enough. It is clear to me that the gang of teenagers engaging in this criminal activity are known to the PSNI and it is their duty to put an end to it.

“ASBOs may be a option that needs explored to bar these teenagers from the area.

“To the parents of these teenagers - be aware of the damage your children are doing. Do you want them to start out in life with a criminal record that will impact on their future? If not, then do whatever is in your power to end it.”