Gully clearances prevented flooding - Maguire

Cllr Paul Maguire. INBT 22-151JC
Cllr Paul Maguire. INBT 22-151JC

An independent councillor from the Braid is convinced that remedial work carried out by Transport NI on the A43 prevented potential flooding.

Paul Maguire said he had asked for a gully inspection along the road which runs between Ballymena and Glenravel earlier this month.

“Following localised flooding along the route on August 1, I wrote to Rivers Agency and Transport Northern Ireland asking that they inspect the gullies along the road and identify sources of any run off of surface water from adjoining private land onto the road.

“TNI wrote back to say that following my request and their subsequent inspection, they will be installing additional gullies at various flooding hotspots, subject to finance.

“In the meantime they said they would arrange for the cleaning of all the existing gullies between Ballymena and Carncoagh Road, which was completed soon afterwards. There is no doubt that TNI’s prompt action helped reduce the flood risk on the A43 during the catastrohic downpours this week.”

And Cllr. Maguire demanded that MLAs ‘return to work and earn their money’.

He said: “Given the destruction that flooding has caused across the north, with people having to be rescued from their homes and with roads, car parks and bridges destroyed, and cars washed into rivers, political parties need to reach agreement, re-establish Stormont and sort out budgets, the lack of which is putting lives at risk.

“Children, and our most vulnerable citizens are being denied the education, health and housing services that they are entitled to, because of the inability of MLAs to sort out a mess which was entirely of their own making. If any other citizen was unfit for work due to their own incapacity or incapability to perform, they wouldn’t be paid their salary. Meanwhile our MLAs are happy to share £1 million a month in salaries and allowances, for essentially sitting at home.”