‘Heels dragged’ over park, Carson fears

Cllr John Carson. INBT 22-138JC
Cllr John Carson. INBT 22-138JC
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A Ballymena councillor fears that a long term campaign to provide a new playpark for the Tullygarley area may end in disappointment.

The voice of DUP representative John Carson was quivering with frustration when he asked for the latest update on plans to proceed with the park - an issue which he has campaigned for throughout his tenure on Ballymena Borough Council.

And when he ws told by Acting Chief Executive Roger McKnight that a ‘full report and update meeting’ would be provided for Cllr. Carson, this failed to soothe the DUP man’s obvious annoyance.

“I raised this very same matter months ago. At that time, I actually made the point that I felt heels were being dragged over this issue - now I’m still not convinced that this will not be the case,” he fumed.

Cllr. Carson continued: “We have had no movement. I’m frustrated. The people of Tullygarley are frustrated.

“Since 2005 I’ve had meetings and talks with officers yet I fear this decision will end up with the new Mid and East Antrim Council - and more people will be looking a slice of the cake which is just the same size. I am very disappointed,” he told the meeting.

Mr. McKnight said it would always be council’s intention to deal with the various projects included in its strategic planning.

He assured the councillor: “The director concerned will be talking to you.”