How to beat the Christmas hangover

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Tis the season to be jolly - but waking up feeling like Christmas elves are hammering on your head is no fun.

Before you head out for a festive party, remember eating isn’t cheating.

Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol, stopping it going to your head too quickly. Eat a good meal beforehand, and you’re less likely to be the one who gets too drunk too quickly. You can enjoy your night for longer and remember it for the right reasons.

Carbs or protein such as pasta, potatoes and chicken are good to eat before or while you’re drinking. They’ll keep you full, and the slow release of energy will help you last the distance.

You’ll be more tempted to avoid that 2am kebab or chips too. Late night food won’t help sober you up as the alcohol is already in your system and it’s calorific!

When out remember, it’s not a race, drink at your own pace.

It takes up to an hour for your body to process each unit of alcohol. So have a break between drinks.

Skinny, short, male, female... everyone copes with alcohol differently, so why try and keep up with your mates? Save face (and money) by sticking to smaller rounds with a couple of mates or avoid rounds altogether. Turning down a drink is much less embarrassing than throwing one up.

Finish your drink too quickly and you’ll feel pressured to get another. Instead, make your drink (and your night) last longer. Chat, sip, snack, drink water, get some fresh air and chat some more.

Some well-known hangover cures’ are actually myths - nothing will cure it except time. Stick to juice or water to rehydrate.

If your head is really thumping, take a painkiller - a soluble one is good for headaches and gentle on the stomach.

Hair of the dog is DEFINITELY not the answer, you’re just prolonging the inevitable.