‘Intimidated by fireworks’

Richard Cairns.
Richard Cairns.

TUV Antrim representative Richard Cairns has raised concerns about anti-social behaviour with fireworks intimidating residents in Ballycraigy.

He has told residents witnessing this behaviour to report it to the PSNI, Cairns said: “As Halloween approaches there is always the issue of children and teenagers getting hold of fireworks. Not only is this causing noise disturbances to residents and scaring children, but it is posing a danger to those foolish enough to use them.

“I have been contacted by numerous residents of Ballycraigy and Greystone regarding the nightly scourge of youths setting off fireworks and disturbing elderly residents in particular. I have raised this issue with the PSNI and given them locations of where this is frequently happening. With the current situation in Greystone which has seen acts of intimidation, I requested a meeting with Antrim PSNI which happened last week. I was pleased to hear that the PSNI were fully aware of all the issues and as a result have increased patrols in the area.

“I also discussed with them the dangers of off road bikes being used in the estates – this bikes are dangerous and loud. The PSNI assured me they have resources at their disposal when reports come through to them. I would encourage residents to report any such activity to the PSNI, or to myself to ensure we can all work together to put an end this type of behaviour.”