Jemma’s song is top of the ITunes pops

'BIG HIT: Jemma Gracey � INBT�11F�JEMMA GRACEY.'
'BIG HIT: Jemma Gracey � INBT�11F�JEMMA GRACEY.'

A young Ballymena singer/songwriter has penned a track which has already shot straight to the top of the Christian Charts on ITunes.

Jemma Gracey has been interested in music since her early teens and it’s an interest that has deepened over the years.

She says: “I only realised I could sing when I was 12 or 13! And have been doing it ever since and fall more in love with it the more I do it!”

Jemma’s hit song, entitled ‘Be Loved and Belong’, is her latest composition.

Explaining the inspiration behind it, she said: ”My great friend, Pamela Irwin had a dream of me singing on a stage with a bright light behind me. She woke up remembering a few lines from the song, quickly wrote them down and sent me them through as a text, explaining the dream also. I loved reading what she dreamt, and I really connected with the words that she sent me.”

Jemma pointed out: “I work part time as a support worker at Freedom House (a women’s home that’s connected with Green Pastures church) and the line she gave me “we’ll run together” really brought the girls that were currently in it and those that had graduated to my mind. So I took the lines she gave me and recreated her dream!

“My purpose in this song is to encourage girls to be strong and courageous as Joshua 1 tells us in the Bible,” Jemma explained.

She added: “The reason I called it ‘Be Loved and Belong’, is because there was a women’s conference coming up in our church called Passion. The theme this year was Beloved and Belong and I wanted to sing that out over the girls who attended the conference.”

So is Jemma surprised by the success of the song?

“Yes and no”, she said.

“Yes, because I look at myself and think I’m just an ordinary girl, and always dreamt of writing songs to change people’s lives - Never in a million years did I imagine it to actually come true. But no, because God can use anyone and anything! And He wants us to succeed!

“I knew from the very beginning that God wanted this to happen, and the song is God’s work not mine, or Pam’s,” said Jemma.

“Before the conference, Pamela got a vision that God’s hands was reaching down and held the song in his hands. She was so excited that day, she ran to me and said...’God’s told me He’s got this song, we don’t need to worry’. And He’s definitely proved himself on that one.”

‘Be Loved and Belong’ is available to download on ITunes, so search for ‘Be Loved and Belong’ or for Green Pastures Church.