Jobs rally gains momentum

JTI (Gallaher).
JTI (Gallaher).

A union rally aimed at securing the future of Ballymena is gaining more and more support from all areas of the borough.

‘Rally for a Future’ is being organised by Unite the Union and will take place at the Ballymena Bandstand on Saturday, February 6 from 12pm.

The message from local representatives is that if investment cannot be secured in the borough then Ballymena will ‘waste away and die’.

Residents, employers and employees in the borough are being called to take a stand and make their voice heard at the rally. Banners have also been requested.

Unite Representative Susan Fitzgerald, told the Ballymena and Antrim Times that the rally is gaining momentum.

She said: “Ballymena has a highly skilled work force in the area and we are calling on the assembly and local politicians to come up with a strategy of investment for the town.

“We have already received some very positive endorsements and a huge amount of support from the area. We are arguing for an urgent political response, there are thousands of skilled workers going to be unemployed and going to waste. We want jobs that will provide opportunities for young people, we want the opportunity for young people to get apprenticeships. Where they can get involved and don’t have to move out of the area to find employment.

“If there are well paid jobs in the local area than that is money that is going to be spent in the local area. If we don’t do something to secure investment this town will die off.”