Kells and Connor roads safety survey


Traffic issues around Kells and Connor may soon be addressed after TransportNI confirmed that it is undertaking speed surveys on all roads leading into the village.

North Antrim MLA Mr Robin Swann has “warmly welcomed” confirmation from TransportNI that it is conducting the surveys on the roads.

He said: “Following the analysis of the resulting data, a road safety scheme for the village may be developed to enhance the existing measures, if warranted.”

Mr Swann said he would be keeping the pressure on TransportNI to ensure that the results of the survey “would be acted upon with great haste to boost road safety around Kells village”.

Mr. Swann said that the speed of traffic through the Kells and Connor has been and continues to be a constant concern to many residents.

“To this extent I hope money can be made available. I also welcome the commitment from TransportNI officials to meet with me to progress the enhancement of footpaths throughout the villages, including the potential of a new footpath from Allison’s Hill to the school.

“This section of road is particularly notorious for speed and local residents raised their concerns in regard to children who have to walk down the side of a busy road which is especially dangerous as the winter approaches.

“While I have received confirmation that this work in scheduled, it too is also being held up by a lack of resources,” said Assemblyman Swann.

The news comes in the wake of last week’s lengthy delays following a fatal collision on the A26.

As a result, many motorists were diverterd through Kells and one driver who was affected said there was a need for additional sign posting in the area.

Speaking to the Times he said: “If you are not from this area, you can get lost very easily and sadly due to fatalities and road accidents the roads around Kells and indeed, around the Randalstown side, are called upon as diversion routes on a fairly frequent basis.

“Some better signposting is required to ensure that motorists know exactly where some of these little country roads are taking them in such circumstances.”