Kerbie ‘on wheels’ appeal

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Ballymena Deputy Mayor Hubert Nicholl has appealed for the new Mid & East Antrim Council to roll out a ‘triple stack’ trollied recycling system to residents.

His comment came at last week’s January meeting of Ballymena Council which will become part of the new Mid & East Antrim ‘Super’ authority from April 1.

Reporting to the meeting on new legislation requiring local authorities to separately collect glass, metal, paper and plastic from the start of this year, Acting Chief Executive, Rodger McKnight confirmed that Ballymena is already “fully compliant” through kerbside recycling.

Cllr Roy Gillespie, however, highlighted that the boxes when full could be difficult for elderly residents to manoeuver, adding that wheeled receptacles would be more suitable.

Cllr Hubert Nicholl pointed out that Newtownabbey had recently rolled out triple stack boxes on trolleys.

“For the elderly they are ideal,” he said. “You just wheel the whole thing out and set it at the side of the road and the top box holds the others below in place. I would appeal to the Mid & East Antrim to consider this, if would make a big difference.”