‘Last Saturday’ demonstration

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The County Antrim ‘Last Saturday’ demonstration will be held in Lisburn 
this year.

A total of 79 Royal Black preceptories from the County Antrim area will take part, accompanied by 75 bands, for the demonstration on 
August 29.

The parade, traditionally recgarded as the finest of the marching season, will begin at 12.30pm andproceed via Laurelhill Road, Prince William Road, Thiepval road, Chapel Hill, Bow Street, Castle Street, Seymour Street to 
Wallace Park.

The platform proceedings are scheduled to commence at 3.00pm and these will be chaired by Edward Carson, Lisburn 
District Master.

The guest speaker will be Ivan Kelly, Assistant Sovereign Grand Master.

The service of worship will be conducted by Rev. Robert Campbell, County Antrim Grand Chaplain.