Lisa takes dementia skills to Romania

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Ballymena’s Lisa Hendley, an activity co-ordinator with the Alzheimer’s Society, will be taking a busman’s holiday for a week in July when she volunteers to work in a newly built nursing home for people affected by dementia in Romania.

Lisa and her husband Shawn, along with a team of 10 others from their church, are volunteering through the Smiles Foundation which is a Christian charity with a mission to bring hope and smiles to Romania.

Lisa said she ‘jumped at the opportunity’ to use her skills to help people with dementia in Romania.

She said: “I couldn’t believe when I heard at the initial meeting that the charity offers the chance to work with people of all ages – not just children and to volunteer in a dementia unit in Romania will give me a great opportunity to use my experience as an activities co-ordinator to work on activities over there.

“I am going to do a job I love with people who are less fortunate than us.”

Adrian Friel, Services Manager for Alzheimer’s Society in Northern Ireland, said: “I am delighted Lisa is able to take part in this great opportunity. She had told me previously about going to Romania, however when she called to say there was the possibility to be involved in activities with people affected by dementia she was thrilled.

“We would like to offer Lisa and Shawn both our best wishes and support for this venture. We know that the learning Lisa receives will be immense and will enhance the great work she already does for the Alzheimer’s Society.”