Local mums are top ‘breadwinners’ in Britain

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More than half of mothers in Northern Ireland are now the breadwinners for their household, according to new research.

The findings, published by insurance firm Engage Mutual, reveal that 54 per cent of local mums provide half or more of their families’ yearly income – the biggest percentage throughout the UK.

Key Northern Ireland findings from the research includes:

Over 54 per cent of Northern Ireland mothers are ‘maternal breadwinners’ contributing half or more of the household’s annual income

22 per cent of Northern Irish mums are the total breadwinner for their entire household, contributing 100 per cent of the income

90per cent have their own bank account, 54 per cent their own savings and 11 per cent their own investments

The average Northern Ireland annual household income from the research was £34,054 and the average number of people in the household was 3.35

Northern Irish mums make the biggest average contribution to household income at 54 per cent, whilst South East mums make the lowest average contribution with a still significant 39 per cent