Make farm safety a priority - Gaston

Timothy Gaston TUV
Timothy Gaston TUV

A heartfelt plea for a ‘safety first’ mindset on farms has been issued by a local councillor.

Timothy Gaston, a TUV representative on Mid&East Antrim Borough Council said that the start of the summer holidays had been aptly designated as Farm Safety Week.

“We need to be conscious of the dangers around the farm, particularly when there will be more children around.It is shocking to think that while farming accounts for just 1.5% of the UK’s workforce, farmers account for 15-20% of all workplace fatalities.

“It is with justification, therefore, that the NFU have described farming as the UK’s most dangerous profession.

“I would appeal to everyone to take extra care when children are about and remember that a life changing incident can happen in a moment.”