Man fined for smoking on aircraft

Antrim Court House. INAT51-435AC
Antrim Court House. INAT51-435AC

A man caught smoking on a plane caused concerns for flight staff after he told them he had extinguished his cigarette in a toilet containing flammable chemicals, a court has heard.

Adam Sikorski (35), of Camphill Park, Newtownbutler, Enniskillen, pleaded guilty to a charge of smoking on an aircraft on September 4.

Antrim Magistrates Court heard that the defendant had been on a Jet2 flight from Tenerife on that date.

Flight crew witnessed Sikorski exiting the toilet, and was spoken to after crew members noticed he smelt of smoke.

It was added that initially he denied smoking but then admitted he had smoked, covered the smoke detector and disposed of his cigarette in the toilet.

Prosecution said that there was a chemical solution in the toilet which was highly flammable and the flight was more than hour from a suitable landing strip should a fire have occurred.

District Judge Alan White imposed a fine of £250 for the offences and ordered to pay a £15 offender levy.