Marking 125 years!

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A Thanksgiving Service was held on Sunday in Glenwherry Presbyterian Church to mark the 125th Anniversary of Glenwherry Ulster Convention Flute Band 1892-2107.

The band was formed to commemorate the huge unionist meeting in 1892 when 12,000 delegates (elected by Unionist associations across the country) met in Botanic Gardens in Belfast to show their opposition to Home Rule.

With a general election later in the year, Ulster unionists feared that if the Liberals got back into government, Home Rule for Ireland would be a real possibility.

Among those attending the service was Mr. Jim Allister, the TUV leader who said: “To keep a band going for 125 years is a remarkable feat by succeeding generations in the Glenwherry area. The large turnout was testimony to the cherished position which the band holds in the local community.

“Well done to Bandmaster Robert Saunderson and his dedicated team for continuing to carry on the work of the band in keeping up this honourable tradition.”