Mayor’s shows raise £1,079

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More than 200 people attended this years ‘Christmas Show’ hosted by the Mayor on behalf of Ballymena Borough Council.

In her monthly report to councillors, the Mayor, Audrey Wales, said she was delighted to see so many people coming along to enjoy the evening of entertainment.

Cllr. Wales paid a special tribute to council staff for their role in orga nising the special evenings.

“Rosalind Lowry and her helpers did a great job and their work is greatly appreciated,” she said.

The Mayor acknowledged that some faithful attendees had missed the country&western element of previous shows but contended that the wartime era music had been warmly welcomed by others.

“The most important thing is that people enjoyed themselves and a grand total of £1,079.98 was raised for the Childen’s Heartbeat Trust ver the three evenings.”