McIlveen advocates free tax advice for over 60’s

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Local DUP MLA David McIlveen has met with representatives of Tax Help for Older People.

He confirmed his support of the work of the registered charity which gives free tax advice to people who are over 60 and on a low income.

Mr McIlveen said: “It is not unusual for our older people having worked hard all of their lives to have a number of small private pensions contributing to their monthly income and keeping on top of the tax minefield can be very difficult and confusing.

“For folk in the over 60 bracket, particularly those on low incomes, getting the right tax advice can be very expensive and, therefore, they just accept things as they are resulting in over payment of tax.

“Every day in our constituency office we deal with people from all backgrounds ensuring that they are not paying more or receiving less that they are supposed to. I strongly support the work that Tax Help for Older People is involved in and I would encourage anyone over 60 who suspects they may be paying too much tax to contact our office to discuss the options that are available to them.’

Brian Stewart, Northern Ireland Regional Coordinator for Tax Help for Older People, added: “We offer a specialised service for the over 60 bracket and assist them with the difficult field of tax liabilities and tax coding. We have a dedicated team of volunteers across Northern Ireland who work tirelessly to help over 60s to fill in forms, make tax repayment claims, carry out general ‘tax health checks’ and can even assist when there is a bereavement in the family. For anyone who needs personal income tax assistance, we can be contacted at 0845 6013321or email us at”.