McKay calls for ‘leadership’ over bonfire “hate crime”

Daithi McKay. (Editorial Image).
Daithi McKay. (Editorial Image).

North Antrim Sinn Fein MLA Daithi McKay says leadership is required to tackle ‘hate displays’ at bonfires.

The SF Assemblyman has said the Orange Order and unionist politicians need to address the burning of flags and election posters on bonfires.

Mr McKay said: “There has been silence from the Orange Order and unionist parties on hate crimes that have taken place at these eleventh night bonfires.

“These are clearly hate crimes and are being treated as such by the PSNI.

“Some claim that bonfires are an important part of culture and should be welcoming to families but how can these displays of naked sectarianism be welcoming to anyone?

“It is clear that many in the Orange Order and many unionist politicians are witnessing these hate crimes and those involved. They are clearly turning a blind eye to these crimes and not reporting them,” he claimed.

The Assemblyman added: “It is deeply worrying that promoting hatred towards anything Irish, Nationalist or Catholic through these displays is not taken seriously by unionist parties.

“We all have a collective responsibility to stamp out hatred and sectarianism in our society,” he concluded.